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What is a Thorough Examination?

In accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) (Amendment)

Regulations, 2007  forklift trucks must undergo a thorough examination every 12 months and after 6 months if equipped or adapted for lifting persons. A Thorough Examination is like an NCT for a car that must be carried out and reported on separately from routine maintenance.  A detailed inspection of all the safety related parts of a fork lift truck is undertaken.

A thorough examination should include:

  • Daily checks of tyres, brakes, reversing alarm, flashing beacon, etc. by the driver at the beginning of each shift;
  • In-depth weekly checks by the supervisor/manager; these reports should be written and kept on record;
  • Maintenance as per the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • Checks by a competent engineer following any major repair, modification or accident.

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Clear benefits

There are many advantages of the Thorough Examination particularly from the aspects of safety, efficiency and reduced cost. Faulty equipment can work less efficiently and cause accidents. If faults are not identified early they can also intensify damage to the lift truck which could cost you more in the long run in downtime and repairs.

One-stop supplier

Irish Lift Trucks provides routine maintenance for lift trucks as well as Thorough Examinations, providing customers with a complete service from a single source. Thorough examinations are, however, completed independently to maintenance by another qualified member of the service team to ensure impartiality. By offering a full service Irish Lift Trucks enables customers to reduce their supplier base and concentrate on their core business.

It is important employers take ownership of their legal responsibility regarding Thorough Examinations. By offering a complete service from equipment provision to maintenance and Thorough Examinations, Irish Lift Trucks' service helps companies to adhere to legislation and maximise the safety and efficiency of their fleet.